Highlife Cup 2018 – Lemon Zkittle reign supreme!

Par: Soft Secrets, July 2, 2018

The Highlife Cup in Holland is Europe’s oldest cannabis cup. Established in 1994 by Dutch growers magazine Highlife (the sister magazine of Soft Secrets), the cup is by far the most important cannabis cup in Europe, setting the standard for the best weed and hash sold in the coffeeshops of Holland. The cup itself is a blind test. Coffeeshops and cannabis companies enter their samples, after which they are tagged with a code. Then the samples are being handed out to a jury of 15 cannabis connaisseurs, handpicked by none other than our own Soft Secrets’ editor Clifford Cremer. The jury then has 2 months to sample each and every sample on their own accord. The jury only knows the categories they are smoking, but not the name of the samples nor the companies that entered it. In the end, all score sheets are put together and the winners are established! This year’s awards where handed out by Soft Secrets’ Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal!

Highlife Cup 2018 - Lemon Zkittle reign supreme!

Highlife Cup 2018 - Lemon Zkittle reign supreme!

The results of the Highlife Cup 2018

A Hydro (weed grown on hydro systems)
1 Critical Dyna Purple from Dizzy Duck – The Hague
2 Armageddon Hydro from High Society – Leiden
3 NY Purple Diesel from Mary Jane – Maastricht

B Bio (weed grown organically)
1 Strawberry Diesel from Missouri – Maastricht1
2 Gorilla Glue from Kosbor – Maastricht
3 King Kong from Cremers – The Hague

C Autoflowers
1 Sticky Beast Auto from Zamnesia
2 Auto Blackberry Kush from Dutch Passion
3 Amnesia Auto from Magic – The Hague

D Haze on hydro
1 Amnesia Haze from ’t Bunkertje – Apeldoorn
2 Neville’s Haze from Kosbor – Maastricht
3 Silver Haze from Zero Zero – Arnhem

E Haze organic
1 Amnesia Haze from Club Media – Amsterdam
2 AMG from Kera Seeds
3 Neville’s Haze from Kosbor – Maastricht

F Kush
1 Rollex OG Kush from Bagheera – Amsterdam
2 Kosher Kush from Dizzy Duck – The Hague
3 Dutch Kush from Paradise Seeds

G Skunk
1 Frosty Gelato from Growers Choice
2 Chocolop Skunkberry from Dizzy Duck – The Hague
3 Shoreline from Greenplace – Amsterdam

H Sativa
1 Lemon Zkittle from Dutch Passion
2 El Diablo from Easy Going – Maastricht
3 Jack Herer from de Boerenjongens West – Amsterdam

I Indica
1 Royal Cookies from Royal Queen seeds
2 Rollex OG from Greenplace – Amsterdam
3 Sketch from Boerenjongens Centrum – Amsterdam

J Medicinal CBD
1 Charlotte’s Angel from Dutch Passion
2 CBD Dutch Dream from Freedam Supreme Genetics
3 OG Kush CBD from de Boerenjongens West – Amsterdam

K Hash traditional
1 Kandy Kush Hasj from Club Media – Amsterdam
2 Rif from Zero Zero – Arnhem
3 Strawberry Banana from Bagheera – Amsterdam

L Hash extractions
1 Moonrocks from Greenplace – Amsterdam
2 Nougat from Magic – The Hague
3 Old Skool Haze Pol from Dizzy Duck – The Hague

Overall winner, champion of the champions!

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