Even with CBD honesty goes a long way

By: Soft Secrets, May 10, 2018

For years the focus with cannabis was on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC was seen as the most important psychoactive component in cannabis. Whilst using it you can become stoned or high. Cannabis contains more than just cannabinoids. Not a lot was known on that matter. Now that mainly in foreign countries cannabis is been developed more, we see a huge increase in scientific research on the plant of the gods. Cannabidiol (CBD) receives more and more attentions from the scientists. Fortunately the scientific research in cannabis doesn’t go unknown in the literature for the Dutch doctors.

Under the title “Cannabinoïde mogelijk effectief bij epilepsie (cannabinoids possible effect with epilepsy)” Henk Maassen recently wrote a blog in “Medisch Contact”. Maassen wrote about the recent review study that was published in “Journal Neurosurgery & Psychiatry”. A team of Australian researchers, led by Emily Stockings Ph.D. analysed the results of a number of clinical trials and observed research. Manly teenagers participated in this study. The average age was 16 years old.

Doctors reported that approximately 70 to 80 percent of patients with epilepsy respond well to standard medication. The remaining group barley responds, or doesn’t respond at all. For that group of patients medication is sought that can prevent the well-known (terrifying) seizures. In the review written by Stockings amongst others it is concluded that there are clues that cannabinoids can prevent convulsions. CBD (cannabidiol) was a main feature. The conclusions are very promising. In the trials a placebo was used. This means that a number of patients used a fake medicine. The researchers and the patients didn’t know which patient was using CBD and which patient was using a placebo. This prevented the outcome of the study to be steered into a certain conclusion. In this neutral approach it appeared that CBD was more effective than the placebo. The use of CBD had the effect that the seizures with patients had been cut in half or even more. With a small group the epilepsy disappeared completely. Yet a remark must be made. In the study the risks of using CBD are mentioned. Mentioned risks are dizziness and drowsiness. Because I myself get sleepy when using THC and even dizzy when taking an “overdose”, I looked for studies on the active levels of CBD and THC. Sound information seemed to be missing. In my opinion we must take into account that not the CBD, but the presents of THC caused a high sensation with patients who have experienced this side-effect. We often see the something with CBD oil that in the Netherlands is becoming more available in different places. Unfortunately these products don’t always deliver what is stated in the packaging. In October 2nd 2017 Radar dedicated an item on this topic. This item drew attention to the Dutch Food and Drug Agency (Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit). The legal status of CBD oil is still unclear at the moment. Brussels must rule if CBD oil can be qualified as a new food product. At the moment what the specific CBD consist of product is defining. You shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep. Definitely not with ill people. And as in any case, if you offer a product that people ingest, the manufacturer must be completely transparent and honest about what the product consist of. Honesty is the best policy, right?

Translated by Joanna McKernan. Joanna works as a Lawyer for the law firm Beckers & Bergmans in Sittard. She is a native English speaker. Joanna has a lot of experience in cannabis related civil cases.


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Joanna McKernan (Lawyer)
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