Black Panther is a hit

By: Kevin, February 21, 2018

Black Panther, the new blockbuster, superhero movie from Marvel/Disney studios is a running hit. This new Avenger gives the marvel universe a whole other kind of superhero. Not only because he is the first Black Superhero in a leading role, but also because of his personality and moral.

A new hero

The movie has an overall a colored cast. That’s what might have given this movie such a great appeal. Superheros are people or gods aliens etc, that children look up to. The hero’s on screen might be fictional, but they are still hero’s to them. Children always looked up to Iron man, Batman or Superman, who are all light skinned hero’s. As a child, man or woman who is of an other color, this can be a little strange. Why can the light skinned people be the great hero’s and the dark skinned people cannot? This might give them more insecurity about themselves. But now someone else is stealing the show. Someone they can really relate to. Someone new to be their hero.

Star cast

This movie had an epic cast starring: Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up) Michael Jordan (Creed) Lupita Nyong’o (Twelve Years a Slave) Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) and Martin Freeman (Sherlock and the Hobbit). The differentially between the way this cast performs gives it a fun vibe. It’s funny (Andy and Martin) and serious at the same time (Lupita and Michael). Chadwick is a mix of both, with his snarky comments and seriousness. So to be the lead, the mix was perfect.

To see Martin in another role than the normally, “shy” and normal person, was fun! He was badass, but the Martin Freeman traits like the epic reaction faces were still there. It’s always fun to see this little Hobbit in the Marvel universe.

Especially I am excited about the fact, that he and his co-star in Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). Are starring together in Infinity war. We have seen the magic of them together in another blockbuster film, as Smaug and Bilbo in the Hobbit. So Doctor Strange meeting Agent Ross might be an awkward but funny moment, which I’m as a superfan looking forward to.

The beauty

The movie overall was action packed, fun and especially beautiful. The African like set, with the futuristic tune was magnificent. The animators and CGI workers gave us a world that felt real and it seamed like we were in  the middle of it. The great detail of the background and the detail in all the little features of the movie really made it pop.

The story

The story was original, complex and totally not a cliché. Which is difficult in Hollywood nowadays. It really stood out, and it also gave a message to the black community. I will not reveal anything more about the story, you should see this movie for yourself!

Overall Soft Secrets gives this movie an 8,5 so 4,2 Stars!





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