00 Cheese – You will love it as mice love cheese

By: Kevin, August 28, 2018

This outstanding medium-sized hybrid has it all, a large quantity of superior quality buds, relatively simple to grow (both indoors and outdoors), an amazing long-lasting effect and a distinctively strong cheese smell.

Cheese strains originate from a Skunk selection made in the UK in the 1990s. Among these was one with a distinctive cheese smell. Currently, most seed banks have their own version of this smelly plant. 00 Seeds now offers its 00 Cheese in the form of feminised seeds.

00 Cheese - You will love it as mice love cheese

Central bud.

This genetics produces extremely vigorous plants growing in height and, more importantly, breadth, with firm and large-sized branches. Specimens are highly yielding and full of large and dense buds distributed on the full length of their strong branches. They are also mould and disease resistant and can be perfectly grown under lamps as well as outdoors.
This version taxes a few extra days to ripen, compared to other Cheese versions available on the market, but this additional time results in a rich flower quantity and huge harvests. Indoors plants reach one metre in height, with yields in excess of 400 g./m2 after around 60/70 days. Outdoors plants are cut in mid-October and, if kept in good conditions, they can rise up to three metres and please us, in late summer, with quantities above 500 g. per plant.

The large quantity of shoots produced will develop into outstanding inflorescences with a conspicuous, huge and resinous central bud. THC is around 16-18% and produces an extended relaxing effect causing slight drowsiness. This strain stands out for its strong and penetrating cheese smell, which is why it is so famous on the cannabis scene.


In early autumn, we germinated around 10 seeds of 00 Cheese between wet cloths in a dark room, at a temperature of little more than 20ºC and, in less than 48 hours, all had sprouted without exception. The next step was planting them into pots of little less than one litre placed directly under lamps. Cotyledons quickly surfaced from the substrate – under the heat released by 600 W sodium lamps placed at an initial distance of around one metre to avoid burning seedlings. In the following days, this distance was reduced to nearly 50 cm.

00 Cheese - You will love it as mice love cheese

Lateral bud.

Growing period

Growth was astonishing. All specimens had grown stout and strong. At day 10, we transplanted the seedlings to larger pots with a capacity of seven and eleven litres respectively for their final growth. This special genetics produces a large quantity of long and thick side branches full of uncountable healthy and resilient shoots that will soon develop into enormous inflorescences.

During the first two weeks, we irrigated plants with a root booster and gradually added small doses of a nitrogen-rich fertiliser to ensure a successful growth. At around week four after germination, we changed the photoperiod and nutrients and moved them – together with other strains – to a flowering room. As we put our nose close to leaves, we could already perceive the typical strong cheese smell of this strain.

Fruiting period

At the start of this period, the latest shoots developed and plants stopped growing after a few days. All measured around one metre in height and were thick enough, with very long side branches. For almost all watering cycles, we added moderate fertiliser doses to irrigation water together with a specific bio-stimulator for this phase. Cheese plants need considerable fertiliser quantities and absorb large amounts of water. That is why we recommend growers to check that the substrate does not dry out.

00 Cheese - You will love it as mice love cheese

Plenty of trichomes.

The smell released in our test was more and more intense and we realised that the use of good filters and ozonisers was essential. After a few weeks, buds had grown long, dense and hairy, with plenty of brown and sticky pistils. The use of a training system is essential to bear the weight of flowers. At the end of flowering, their aspect was sublime.


We harvested plants at around week nine of flowering. The quantity and quality of our harvest were excellent, with huge, firm buds covered with a shiny resin layer sticking to anything touching it. Each snip of the scissors released that strong smell everyone of us likes all around. Trimming was very rapid given the poor quantity of leaves produced on this mainly indica strain.

Effect and taste

Tasting was marvellous. As we took a single bud from a pot, we could perceive that intense smell and we ended up being totally attracted to it. As we ground buds, the smell became overwhelming. But the quintessence of sensations came when we inhaled the first puff. This herb produces a dense smoke filling you with pleasure each time you smoke it. Its effect is quite strong, long-lasting, relaxing and cheerful making it ideal for tasting with your friends at the end of the day.

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