Dutch Passion medical cannabis projects announced in Australia, Colombia and Canada

By: Soft Secrets, August 13, 2018

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce important cannabis cultivation partnerships in Australia and Colombia with MYM Nutraceuticals and in Canada with Weed Me. The two year agreement allows MYM Australian and Colombian rights to produce and distribute, under the Dutch Passion brand, medical cannabis products as well as cannabis seeds produced from Dutch Passion genetics. This applies to all products that Dutch Passion sells currently and may sell in the future. This includes clones, flowers, pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products.

Dutch Passion has also announced a partnership in Canada with leading Canadian Cannabis producer Weed Me. The agreement allows Weed Me access to Dutch Passion’s cannabis strains, it also allows Weed Me the use of Dutch Passion’s many decades of expertise in cannabis breeding. The partnership provides Weed Me the Canadian branding rights for Dutch Passion-products such as branded buds/dry flowers, extracts and pre-rolled joints. More information is available here.

About MYM

MYM Nutraceuticals are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange and based in Vancouver. They were formed in 2014 and have several successful subsidiaries: CannaCanada Inc., Sublime Culture Inc., HempMeds, Budly Software Inc. MYM are highly experienced in constructing state of the art cannabis production facilities.

About Weed Me

Weed Me recently obtained their Canadian cannabis cultivation licence. They are based in Canada’s most populated province of Ontario. As well as selling cannabis to the Canadian public they plan to export their products internationally to meet growing global demand, and are building an extraction lab, and a 1,200-square-foot research/testing lab which is expected to be completed later in 2018.

About Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion were formed in 1987 in Amsterdam, they are one of the worlds most experienced cannabis seed companies. They invented feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990’s and have created an award winning collection of cannabis genetics. Subsidiary companies include SeedStockers and Crazy LEDs & More.

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