Liposomal Delivery: Increasing The Efficiency & Potency Of CBD

By: Soft Secrets, September 26, 2018

CBD is the holistic treatment that has been a rising star in recent months. An increase in scientific study has broadened our understanding of CBD’s medicinal properties, in turn expanding upon its repertoire of uses. Cannabidiol (CBD) now features as part of a daily supplement routine for improved well-being—useful for treating anxious pets, as a recovery aid for athletes, and so much more. The diversity of applications for this non-toxic and non-psychoactive cannabinoid appears endless.


The relationship between cannabinoids—chemical compounds formed by the cannabis plant—and our endocannabinoid system come well-documented. By triggering receptors, namely CB1 and CB2, cannabinoids catalyse a diverse range of biological responses. Our endocannabinoid system plays an active regulatory role in select areas of our brain, peripheral nervous system, and vital organs.

CBD doesn’t have a high binding affinity for either receptor, though it still produces a significant indirect effect that enables its versatile toolset. Naturally, when a product is competently able to promote well-being, the typical progression is to devise an improved method of intake or refine the efficacy with which our bodies can absorb it. Achieving either of those outcomes results in an enhanced product for the end user. Essentially, more can be done with less.

Liposomal Delivery: Increasing The Efficiency & Potency Of CBD


That journey for improvement and refinement takes us under the microscope as we look to the minuscule, sphere-shaped vesicles known as liposomes. With common CBD intake methods including taking CBD oil under the tongue (sublingually), advanced methods of delivering unadulterated CBD to target cells have been the primary focus of specialist CBD companies.

Liposomes and liposomal delivery may sound technologically advanced; on the contrary, liposomes have been used as a means of non-toxic targeted drug delivery since their discovery in 1961 by two prominent biophysicists. Liposomes are comprised of phospholipid bilayers, forming a protective barrier that can be used to preserve and protect the active ingredients contained within. The scientific superiority of liposomes becomes clear when you review how the protective barrier provides a means of boosting potency. Because the compounds are safely contained within the liposome, the bioavailability of the CBD becomes much higher.


Using this state-of-the-art technology, it is possible for CBD molecules to travel unharmed through the digestive tract until they reach the intestinal membrane. In traditional scenarios, digestive enzymes would start to break down the CBD molecules, delaying and reducing the amount of CBD that the body could absorb.

Liposomal Delivery: Increasing The Efficiency & Potency Of CBD

The benefits of liposomal delivery are twofold; not only is uptake accelerated, but the potency of CBD oil improves even at lower concentrations. By utilising liposomal delivery, it is possible to have CBD oils with a 4% concentration provide the same therapeutic benefit at a faster rate than oils produced under traditional methods that have a significantly higher level of cannabidiol.

The pairing of CBD and liposomes seems destined, especially when you consider that the two can be coupled with 100% effectiveness. None of the active ingredient’s integrity is lost during the necessary sonication process. CBD continues to prove that the complex world of cannabinoids is one we have only just scratched the surface of. In time, and in partnership with science, the true medicinal value of cannabis will hopefully become fully realised.

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