By: Kevin, November 22, 2017

The Netherlands is not only known for its beautiful tulips and impressive tulip fields, more beautiful things grow in and around Amsterdam. There is still plenty to discover in Amsterdam for anyone who takes the time and is interested in special flora. Take for example the relaxed courtyard of Hunter’s Coffeeshop on Papaverweg 2 in Amsterdam. A real enthusiast can find more flower power here than can ever be found in the famous Keukenhof.

Green weeds

If you pay attention to it, Amsterdam is one of the greenest, flowery cities in the world. It does not only have a range of beautiful parks, such as the Vondelpark, but there is greenery everywhere you go in the streets and on the sidewalks. For example near Hunter’s Coffeeshop. The street is littered with weeds of all kinds. Take a deep breath and feel like you are back in nature while walking in the middle of a large metropolis. It is called Papaverweg for a reason….


Relaxing gardens

Not only the Amsterdam city streets look green. There is still plenty to discover in behind the façades for anyone taking the time and looking further. Amsterdam is also the city of courtyards; small green paradises in the middle of the city. Places where you can get away from things and enjoy a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. The medieval Begijnhof is a special place like that. And of course the courtyard of Hunter’s Coffeeshop. This is a true paradise for real enthusiasts; a courtyard where the weeds grow lush and the greenery provide the relaxed atmosphere. This is the Amsterdam garden where you go for flower power.

Nature on the go

Hunter’s Coffeeshop offers everything you need to optimally enjoy the atmosphere and experience of the courtyard to make your experience an unforgettable one and to completely absorb the nature. On offer are delicious natural juices, delicious drinks and anything you may need to take a visit to our courtyard to the next level. We even give you the option to take some of the Amsterdam nature with you so that you enjoy all the greenery we have to offer on the go.

Love, peace and happiness

Besides flower power, Hunter’s also offers love, peace and happiness. Our courtyard does not only house weeds, but also beautiful roses. The flower of love, a white version for peace, and a flower that makes loads of people very happy. It was Shakespeare who wrote the famous quote in Romeo and Juliet: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. This is still the case at Hunter’s; you can find flowers and plants here that go by many different names.

Pink elephant

The nature lover is at home in Amsterdam. There is plenty of greenery to be discovered in the bustle of the city. Amsterdam is also for you when you are looking for animals. After a visit to Hunter’s, you can choose to visit the Artis Zoo in the city centre. Rumour has it that even pink elephants can be spotted here, but that is an urban legend.

Hunter’s is not for pussies

Hunter’s story started in the famous Warmoesstraat in 1985. Not with roses, but with a dog. At this famous spot in the Amsterdam Red Light District, amidst all the pussy cats, a dog called Hunter’s marked its territory with a well-aimed wizz against a building. The owner of the dog decided that this was a good place and the first Hunter’s Coffeeshop was born. Hunter’s territory has now been expanded and the famous logo with the dog can be found throughout Amsterdam.

Hunt them all

You can see that it are not just the intoxicating nature and the relaxed atmosphere that make Hunter’s Coffeeshop famous. Each Hunter’s has its own ambience and speciality. You can find no less than eight locations in and around Amsterdam. From the famous Warmoesstraat in the city centre to easily accessible on the motorway in Amsterdam Noord. There is even a Hunter’s Coffeeshop in Haarlem, allowing you to visit Hunter’s on the way to the beach. You can even find a Hunter’s Coffeeshop on Amsterdam Beach. Complete you visit to Amsterdam and visit all Hunter’s, or as they put it themselves: Hunt them all.

Do you want to learn more about Hunter’s? Visit or follow Hunter’s on Facebook.

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Stationsstraat 9-11
Zandvoort Amsterdam Beach

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Waterlandplein 7

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Papaverweg 2

Hunter’s The Bar
Utrechtsestraat 16

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Utrechtsestraat 14

Hunter’s Bar
Warmoesstraat 24

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Schoterweg 66

Hunter’s Coffeeshop
Orteliusstraat 193

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