The Bulldog goes Italian

By: Kevin, May 7, 2018

The Bulldog acquires an interest in Amsterdam Dogs
Amsterdam, April 16, 2018 – In January 2018, The Bulldog has acquired a 35% interest in Amsterdam Dogs. Amsterdam Dogs has been a partner of The Bulldog for 15 years, as its exclusive distributor in Italy of The Bulldog smoker products and merchandise. The Bulldog products are currently available at 15,000 points of sale.

With the investment from Amsterdam, Amsterdam Dogs aims to grow to 25,000 points of sale throughout Italy in the coming years.

Opening first The Bulldog branch in Rome

The long collaboration between The Bulldog and Amsterdam Dogs has resulted in the opening of the first branch of The Bulldog in Rome (June/July 2018) on one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, Piazza Cavour. The Grand Café has a floor area of 300 m2 spread over 2 floors and a fantastic terrace.

Just like in Amsterdam, the Rome café allows guests to experience the atmosphere that is so typical of The Bulldog: inviting, comfortable and relaxing. It is a relaxed place to go out and meet new people. It will truly be the Living Room of Rome.

It was a logical step to decide to open a branch in Rome. For over 40 years, Italians have been loyal customers of The Bulldog Amsterdam, and there were regular requests for a The Bulldog in Rome. Now, at last, we can fulfil this wish.

The Bulldog Rome is an important step in the further international roll-out of The Bulldog.

The Bulldog signs licence agreement with fashion company Dream Project S.p.a to develop an exclusive clothing line

In January 2018, The Bulldog signed a licence agreement with fashion house Dream Project S.p.a. In collaboration with The Bulldog, they have developed an exclusive clothing line for The Bulldog. From spring 2018, the first collection will be available in various shops in Italy. The presale of the collection has already started and sales are already above expectations. The intention is to make the clothing line available in other countries in the near future.

‘We are extremely proud of these developments’, says Henk de Vries, owner and founder of The Bulldog. ‘We have a long history with Italy and a special relationship with the Italians. They were our first international customers and are still one of our most loyal customers who visit our branches in Amsterdam in huge numbers. I cannot be prouder of the fact that we are now opening a café in Rome’. ‘I’ve always said that we’re still just a puppy, this is just the beginning. In recent years, The Bulldog has grown into a brand with fans all over the world. Our smoker products are now sold in more than 30 countries.’

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