Up comming Cannabis Events


Canapa Mundi Rome

16-17-18 February 2018


Spannabis Barcelona

9-10-11 March 2018


Techni Grow Lyon

April 2018


Expo Cáñamo Sevilla Spain

11-12-13 May 2018



Bologna Indica Sativa

18-19-20 May 2018


Berlin Mary Jane Germany

8-9-10 June 2018


Cannabis Liberation Day

17 June 2018


Expo Weed Mexico

3-4-5 August 2018

Green Cologne

24-25-26 August 2018


Canna Trade Zürich Switzerland

27-28-29 April 2018



Irun Expo Grow

14-15-16 September 2018



Cultiva Hanfmesse Vienna, Austria

12-13-14 October 2018


Spannabis Madrid Spain

5-6-7 October 2018


Canapa Mostra Italy

26-27-28 October 2018


Cannafest  Prague, Czech Republic

10-11-12 November 2018



Expo Medeweed Colombia

24-25-26 November 2018


Expoweed Santiago Chili

December 2018




Expo Cannabis Montevideo Uruguay

December 2018


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