B’cuzz Silic Boost

By: Soft Secrets, March 11, 2019

Atami did it again, launching a new and innovative product on the market! After the release of Atami’s very first Boosters more than 20 years ago, Atami now presents B’cuzz Silic Boost to give your crops a further Boost!

Silicon is one of the most common elements in soil, however, the vast majority of this isn’t available to the plant. Applying Atami’s B’cuzz Silic Boost is essential to improve availability of Silicon to your plants. B’cuzz Silic Boost an excellent addition to your regular nutrition regime. B’cuzz Silic boost has an enhancing effect, culminating in healthier crops.

B’cuzz Silic Boost

The benefits of B’cuzz Silic Boost:

• Regulating uptake of nutrients.
Nutrients are absorbed in the right ratios and elements such as Phosphorus (P) are used more efficiently by the plant.

• Reinforcement of the stem.
Silicon is deposited in the stem; making it stronger and thicker.

• Resistance to (biotic) stress.
Silicon is also deposited in the top of the leaves, which makes the plant more resilient to harsh weather conditions such as heat, cold or salt. Another benefit is that your plants are more resistant to things like lice and/ or fungi.

• Highly concentrated.
Add just 0.1 ml per litre B’cuzz Silic Boost to your daily nutrient regime.

• Suitable for every type of cultivation.
B’cuzz Silic Boost is suitable for growing on hydro, soil or coco substrates. It can be used during the entire lifecycle of your plants.

B’cuzz Silic Boost
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