UK Legal Medical Cannabis…well not quite

By: Soft Secrets, November 1, 2018

As I am writing this short news debriefing it seems that everyone today on TV and online is talking about the recent announcement coming from the UK government regarding medical cannabis, people with little knowledge of the subject are now misinformed and think that the drug will be legally available to them from the 1st of November…so what are the facts you may ask? well not what some UK media leads you to believe so do not listen to the hype and research the truth…. in a nutshell numerous manufactured products derived from cannabis such as GW Pharmaceuticals ‘Sativex’ (liquid spray) which has been available for many years at a high price may now be prescribed by specialist doctors but not regular GP’s and only if a patient has a particular condition.

one of the many articles posted online…this is from the Independent (click screenshot if you want to read more)

Well the politicians have at least now admitted that cannabis has after all got true medicinal value and about time too…BUT the majority of the UK cannabis community still wants the full plant to be legally available to all and will not stop fighting until the government makes this happen!…this news is a tiny step in the right direction that is all…there is a long way to go yet.


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