Most Difficult Job for a Gamer is to Finalize High Speed Internet Providers in my Area!

By: Soft Secrets, October 17, 2017

Written by Rosie Harman

When you’re about to set a record of winning online and the inadequate connection plays in – that’s only when another player gets the better. These are the reasons why you should know about the best high speed internet providers in your area.

Although, the options are plenty, but when it comes to gaming, some internet connections are better than the others. If gaming is more than a hobby for you then you’ll need to go through this post thoroughly. You will know which top internet service providers can offer you the best TV and Internet Bundles and what factors are important

What Are Your Internet Requirements for Playing Game

Internet habits as browsing, downloading and streaming videos are highly variable to gaming. Gaming bandwidth is a simple division of the following three categories:

  • Gameplay – Any connection that offers over 2 mbps with 75ms or less ping works for almost 99% of games. The main factors which affect gameplay apart from bandwidth include: network efficiency and distance from the server.
  • Streaming and communication – Bandwidth and ping both play a significant role in streaming and quality of the game, just like any other video streaming option.
  • Downloading gaming files – Before making a choice of an internet plan, consider your downloading activities first.

As per Charter Internet Services, the minimum internet requirements for gamers are:

  • Minimum data needed: 50 to 100GB
  • Minimum speed: 1 to 2 mbps up/down
  • Maximum ping: 75 to 100ms

How Important is to Know about Ping and Latency in Your Charter Internet Plans

In the gaming world bandwidth is the mere concern, while low latency is everything and pink is king.

Ping: Ping is the total time that data packets take to leave your device, reach the server and return back.

Latency: Latency is the time data packets take to reach your device from the server.

Both latency and ping are important for gaming, especially when you’re racing against another player and delay of a half second will leave you in misery. Generally, ISPs advertise deals with bandwidth details only, while it’s more important to know to about latency and ping. But quoting about latency can be tricky for service provider business since it varies from area to area.

Solution: Even the slowest DSL connection can offer great gaming experience, only if you have low latency. Once you get the connection up and running, testing for latency and ping is simple; run some tests.

Gaming experience becomes fun when you operate with high-end routers. Some important features to consider (when buying a gaming-specific router) should include: gigabit Ethernet ports, QOS which has two choice itself; manual and automated (lateral is preferable), and dual band routers in case when you cannot plug your PS3 with Ethernet.

Finally, coming down to finalizing the choice of internet service providers – the quest is not simple but a walk through these factors mentioned above help understanding the main focus areas. You will find a list of best internet service providers in your area for gaming below:

Top High Speed Internet Service Providers in Your Area

Best Overall – Fios

Verizon Fios wins the overall comparison for being the best internet service provider. The latency for Fios measures at 15 milliseconds with a download speed of 92 percent. It also offers high upload speeds with packet loss of 0.20 percent which is on the lower end. The only aspect is its limited availability.

Runner up – Optimum

Optimum sustains to be the runner up because it offers the lowest latency of 14 milliseconds as compared to any other ISP. It provides 101 percent of download speed and a packet loss of 0.10 percent. Since optimum is cable internet, you might face network congestion during peak hours.

Second Runner up – Xfinity

Xfinity by Comcast stands to be the best ISP for gaming. Although the customer service for Xfinity hinders with the repute, but the data provided by them covers their customer care patches. Latency offered by Xfinity measures at 22 milliseconds, the actual download speed is 92 percent and packet loss is of 0.10 percent.

For More to Check Spectrum internet prices.

Written by Rosie Harman

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