XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

By: Soft Secrets, September 20, 2017

Earlier this year the WikiLeaks reported how CIA has employed a plethora of tools to hack a variety of devices ranging from phones and televisions to cars. When the government has amassed extraordinary hacking powers, it is no wonder why Android spyware apps are in hot demand. They are considered smart and sophisticated and perfect for the smartphone usage.

In a fast changing digital world, an individual’s personal data is valuable as well as vulnerable to any potential threats like any other possession. People store all kinds of information on their phones, personal to financial dealings are made through the phone.

XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

The mobile spyware apps have been used by insecure spouses and concerned parents alike. According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, children 13 to 17 years found that 61 percent of parents checked the websites that their teenagers visited, 60 percent visited their social media accounts and 48 percent looked through their phone calls and messages. The portion that tracked their teenagers’ whereabouts through their cellphones was 16 percent.

Their use in the business by the employers has been increasing steadily. A recent research report on global mobile data monitoring projected an increase of over 22% of such spyware to monitor their employees. The use of Android spyware apps has been on the rise. The popularity of the Android spyware apps has made this industry worth $4 billion by now.

This intrigued me to meet one of the leading spyware company XNSPY’s Project Director, Trevor James. XNSPY is considered to have more than five hundred thousand subscribers worldwide and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Commenting on the idea behind its creation James said, “The internet overall has become more secure through more widespread deployment of encryption, so cyber criminals and even government agencies have been forced to focus on devices. Devices have become the most vulnerable link in the communication cycle. The idea of our brand is built around privacy of your personal information and loved ones”

Why people use spyware apps?

There have been regular researches on the use of spyware apps for different purposes. Every research has pointed towards an increase in their use for better or for worse. James shared his thoughts in this regard, “Today people are deeply connected than they were ever, that’s partly because they are unaware of the potential threats posed to their cyber security that surrounds them on the internet. Physical damage may include traffic disruptions and attacks on homes and even hospital systems. Infrastructure facilities like traffic lights may be shut down, Governments have employed programs for cyber security but what about a common man in a security crisis? This is where our product comes to their help. We have designed this monitoring app for their enhanced security since it is almost impossible for the government to practically cover every individual security concern, our product is there to fill this security gap.”

The increasing use of cyberbullying, cyber stalking, identity theft and many potential risks have led to the rise of spyware apps success.

What’s behind XNSPY’s surging consumer base?

Since I already mentioned that this particular android spyware app is rumored to have half a million subscribers, and the number is growing I asked James about the reason behind its success. “XNSPY has been developed keeping in mind the security needs of all segments of our society. Our consumer base includes parents, businesses and married couples. The reason behind its growth can be the myriad features offered by our app. It’s compatibility with modern smartphone operating systems and affordability to buy it.”

Well, XNSPY is a monitoring app that you can install on your loved ones’ phones and oversee if they are resorting to a safe online behavior. Let’s have a review of some of the features offered by XNSPY.

Tracking Locations: Perhaps the most significant feature when it comes to the security is knowing the whereabouts of your loved ones. This app offers round-the-clock location monitoring of the person you wish to monitor. For the purpose, the app uses the GPS system of the phone. And provides you the real time location of your target person. Besides online real-time tracking, it also offers offline tracking. Commenting on this feature James said, “Sometimes the battery goes out of power or you do not have internet access for some reason. Offline tracking means the location data can be accessed once your target device connects to the internet.”

XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

Accessing Phone Calls and Contacts: The app provides access to the complete phone history as well as contact lists. The phone call feature includes access to all sorts of call information including the number of the caller, time, duration of the call, and location of the target person at the time of the call. That’s still not comprehensive until we include the recordings of the incoming and outgoing calls made on the phone. In addition to listening to the call recordings, you are provided with all the call history in the form of a call log. So you have information about every single person that called during a certain time period.

XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

Remotely Control a Smartphone: One advanced feature of this monitoring app is that you can remotely control the target devices by sending specific commands.

“Parents are concerned about their child’s exposure to the internet world. This feature empowers them to have a better control on their child’s cell phone usage,” said James. “With its remote control feature you can decide when and how your kids could use their devices. One simple aspect of this feature is that you can remotely lock the device to control your child’s screen time,” he added while explaining the importance of the remote control feature of their monitoring app.

Create Watchlists for Controlled Monitoring: People are too busy to spy on every single detail of the target person. Parents have jobs to do while the aspect of respecting other person’s privacy is equally important. But this can be managed to some extent by using the Watchlist feature of XNSPY. Instead of going through the contacts, locations and every other thing, you are allowed to create watch-lists of suspicious words, numbers, and locations and get alerts for any related activity. Similarly, you will be notified if the person on the watchlist calls on the target phone. The introduction of this feature has made monitoring more time efficient and convenient for working parents.

How to use XNSPY:

How do you use XNSPY? I asked this question to James because XNSPY sounded like quite a smart app. His reply was, “Our app has been designed keeping in mind the regular smartphone user experience. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for anyone to use. So our monitoring app is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, there are certain protocols to be followed before you start using the app.”

Some prerequisites to use the app are:
• Your smartphone’s operating system should be compatible with the app version. Currently, the app can run on the latest version of the Android operating system on any smartphone or tablet. So there is no problem as far as the compatibility of the app is concerned.
• You must have one-time access to the target phone to install the app on it.
• The internet facility is required to download and install the app. Make sure you have access to the internet.
• You need a subscription.

Do we need XNSPY?

Amid host of several spyware apps choosing one becomes a challenge. So we asked Mr. James what makes XNSPY stand out among its competitors. “XNSPY has been developed keeping in mind the modern online security concerns of the common man. It is convenient, easy to install and compatible with the leading smartphone operating systems. And last but not the least, the app is amazingly priced so anyone can afford it. You can start using the app by paying as low as $12.49 per month! ”

XNSPY: Breaking the Myths about Android Spyware apps

Responding to a question that the app is immorally and illegally used James said, “We do not endorse any illegal use of our monitoring app and we explicitly display on our website that inform the users to ask for permission before installing it.”

Text: Jacob Mason

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