Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 – Part 3

By: Kevin, October 10, 2017

16-9-2017, men or women

The Alegria’s now bloom exactly 10 days, but I still can’t see which plants are male and female. In the armpits of the internodes, small point-like leaves are formed, which are easily be confused with the seed cuttings of a female plant. But here a pestle should also grow out. These look like small white hair but I can’t distinguish them right now.

In addition, all three plants look bursting with health.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

The three Alegria’s on 16-9-2017

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

The dot-shaped mini leaves are easy confuse with female seed cuts.

Take care with the Nutrience

In the previous episode, I explained that the plants consume much less water and therefore power under the led lamp than under a hps lamp. By simply adding more food to the water, I try to compensate this. For the moment, this is very prosperous, but now I see that the fingers of the big leaves are beginning to curl up lightly. A typical phenomenon of overestimation. I do not see the corresponding dying leaf tips, so maybe it will be okay.

Also, the trip outbreak of two episodes ago is not over yet. On the lower leaves I discovered some traces again.

The plants can soon be thieved or “lolliepopt”. I can then remove the most affected leaves and treat the remaining parts once more for trips. These kinds of things should always be dealt with early. Also because you can’t spray the plants when the tops are well developed because of the risk of toprot.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

One of the leaves with curled up fingers.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

The trips haven’t disappeared completely yet.

2-10-2017, change of plan

I have not been in the Kiwiseeds store for more than a fortnight to check with the plants. Fortunately, they are in expert hands and the boys are keeping a tight grow schedule; the plants get less water but more nutrition than the indicated amount.

We have almost reached the 4th week of the blooming period. Since a week or two, the plants get the blooming nutrience from the starter pack. It is now obvious what the sex of the plants is ………… girls. Hurray! In principle, I had enough of 1 lady but all three of the plants turned out to be ladies. All three excellent specimen.

I therefore find it very difficult to stick to the original plan to work with 1 plant. The plant that I hoped it would be female two weeks ago, and that I decided I would continue to work with seems to be very long and sprouting. There is no place for 3 plants in the box and because of the length difference I decide to get rid of it so the lamp can hang low and the remaining 2 plants get more light.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

One of the 3 Alegria’s stood out head and shoulders above the others and almost touches the lamp.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

There is no place in the box for 3 plants.

Kill your darling

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to that beautiful long lady. But not to worry, she will go to another place to blossom.

The other two plants are about the same size and will after some pruning fill up the Bonanza G-leds 140 box perfectly. Actually, like the previous breeding report, I’m again late with the thieving or “lollipops”. As soon as there is a top formation, you do not really need to cut any branches.

I decide to do this anyway so that the light can also penetrate to the bottom of the plant. Especially on the bottom leaves I still see traces of trips. I can remove these right away.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

One of the two survivors on 2-10-2017 for the lollipoping.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

The other lady on 2-10-2017 for the cutting.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

I removed the bottom branches from both plants.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

The remaining plants are just as high so we can lower the lamp.

Alegria in Bonanza G-leds 140 - Part 3

Because of the space we created the light can again penetrate downwards.

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