Cheese in table model part 1

By: Kevin, December 19, 2017

A new game with new chances

The previous breeding, Alegria in Bonanza, had to be interrupted unexpectedly due to circumstances. Luckily Gert found someone in his circle of acquaintances who was willing to do a breeding at home and to write a report about it.

Karin is the name. Karin uses CBD oil for all kinds of medical reasons that she wants to make herself. In exchange for the report and the photographs, Karin was given a G-tools grow box and Spliff Seeds provided free seeds. The grow box is the Bonanza table model with a 100 Watt Hanspanel grow lamp. The seeds are feminised Spliff Cheese Autoflowers. This time only 2 plants will be grown in 12 liter textile pots filled with Guano Kalong earth.

Cheese in table model part 1

Bonanza table model with 100W Hanspanel

Cheese in table model part 1

The Spliff seeds I received by mail

Three years ago, I did my first and only outdoor cultivation; this was a beautiful and very educational experience. At the time I did it to make oil for a family member. He was suffers from Scoliosis which causes a lot of back pain and pain in the legs. Regular drugs such as tramadol and morphine gave all kinds of unpleasant side effects.

I myself have a hernia and now I want to make the oil for myself. Next to the use of a “tens unit” (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, electronic pain relief) and occasionally physiotherapy, the oil gives me a lot of relief.

The grow box

Entirely as agreed, an employee of G-tools has delivered the box here and set it up for me. The box with its dimensions of l x b x h; 61 x 61 x 119cm is not much bigger than a refrigerator. The box was set up within half an hour. The box is completely plug & play and is connected to one simple cord with a power plug.

An air extractor mounted on a charcoal filter must ensure the odorless discharge of the hot air. There will also be little warm air to drain because the 100Watt “Hanspanel” LED grow light with which the box is equipped gives hardly any heat. The spectrum of the Hanspanel is adjustable in a growing and flowering position. In addition, you can adjust the intensity of the light stepless. Also very useful.

Cheese in table model part 1

Hanspanel 100W. LED grow lamp with intensity and growth / flowering setting

The seeds

As said, Spliff Seeds has given me the seeds for this breeding. I have decided in consultation with Spliff to choose their feminized Spliff Cheese auto flowers. After explaining what I need the weed for and under which circumstances it will be grown, this species was recommended to me.

I’m not looking for hassle with the justice department so I only want to grow 2 plants. So I had 2 seeds germinated in moist coffee filters. After the seeds germinated, I planted them directly in plastic cups with “cutting soil” and placed them in a propagator under a TL.

After a day or 6 I found the plants big enough to repot and move to the G-tools Bonanza grow box. The Hanspanel I set on the growing position (“vegging”), which means that the plants get extra blue light. Light that they need in this phase of life. Because they still looked a bit fragile, I kept the light intensity low. Every day I increased the light intensity a little bit.

The plants are now 2 weeks in the box below 18 hours light a day. “Autoflowers” doesn’t determine growth and flowering by the number of hours of light per day that the plant receives. I do not have to reduce the number of hours light ON to 12 so that the plant is in bloom. This goes without saying ……… auto-flower. So I leave my Hanspanel ON for 18 hours a day. However, I now put the switch on the lamp on the bloom position so that the plants get more red light. The plants are now large and strong enough to handle the full intensity of the light. The lumen button on the lamp will therefore open completely from now on.

Cheese in table model part 1

Germinating in a moist coffee filter goes very well

Cheese in table model part 1

The two Cheese Automatics in the propagator where they spent the first 6 days under fluorescent light

Cheese in table model part 1

The plants on their first day in the Bonanza Table model grow box

Cheese in table model part 1

After a week, my Cheese plants have been potted and even a lot bigger

Cheese in table model part 1

Day 10.The Hanspanel is at half intensity on the growth position

Cheese in table model part 1

Day 14, the plants remain nicely short and “bushy”

Readers deal:

Do you also want to get start in an G-tools Bonanza mini greenhouse? For all our Soft Secrets readers we have made an special deal, which exist of:
• Bonanza 0,35m2 table model greenhouse inclusive Hanspanel 100W. lamp.
• Transport with courier in Europe.

This complete package with an street value of €630,- you can order here for only €595,-

More information:
Instruction video how to build the table model greenhouse:

Yes, I would like to order the G-kit Bonanza table model with an Hanspanel 100W. lamp! I will deposit 595,- euros on account number: IBAN NL13INGB000.8806.319 (BIC INGBNL2A) in the name of: Mager en van Dijk, with the description of: G-Kit Soft Secrets and my own name.

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Additional notes

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