Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox – Part 10

By: Kevin, July 18, 2017

7-7-2017, almost done

The growth has stopped but the tops keep getting thicker and heavier each day! Since last week I stopped feeding and flowering simulator. About half of the white hairs on the tops are tainted brown. Rule is that when the ¾ of the hair is discolored, the plant can be harvested. The production of THC is also not yet at its peak. The trichomes or gum glands are still very bright in color. By the clarity and color of the trichomes you can determine what the effect of the weed could be. Clear tricomes will give you an energetic spiritual high. As they age and become browner, the effect will increasingly go towards a heavy physical stoned. It’s just what you love.

As far as I’m concerned, the Milky Way may remain in the box for a week. I am sorry to say that we don’t have any more time. Due to the fact I am going on vacation and also the Editors of Soft Secrets, I had to plan the harvest date on the 14th of July. Whether the plant is completely bloomed or not. It’s a shame but that’s what it is. In that case an energetic spiritual high.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

The Milky Way on 07-07-2017.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

The sticks now serve more to support the heavy spikes than to bend the branches.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

About half of the hair is discolored.


As mentioned, the Milky Way will be harvested in a week. The weed will also be dried in the Bonanza growbox. This will take about one week. So in 2 weeks time the box will be empty. So time to plant the seeds for the new round.

Consulting with the guys of Kiwiseeds we have choosen for the Alegria, an Indica species originating in Spain. This time non-feminized seed. That’s why, I sow 6 plants so that I can be sure that there is at least 1 female plant among them. The box I’m going to breed in is the Bonanza G-Leds 140. The same growbox I’ve worked with but with a 140 watt LED lamp. Only the lamp will be replaced for the G-Leds 140. The rest of the Bonanza cabinet is still fine. The carbon filter is also good for another round. The box hasn’t caused any odors during the entire breeding.

Next time we will harvest and see if the Alegria have already grown.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

The growbox for the next round, Bonanza G-Leds 140.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

G-Leds 140, the grow lamp for the next round.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

Alegria an Indica with Spanish roots.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 10

The 6 seeds before they are planted in the soil.

Text & photos: Gert

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