Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox – Part 3

By: Kevin, May 23, 2017


Anxiously I go to the Kiwiseeds shop. What am I going to find there? The root system of the plant was only very minimal before I went on holiday. For it’s moisture absorption it would rely on its leaves. A high moisture absorption is essential in the start-up phase. To achieve this the plant will be sprayed once a day. To hold the high humidity after spraying the lid of the propagator will be placed over the pot.

The Milky Way needs to have survived the start-up phase or else I will fail horribly.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 3

The plant sprayer and the lid of the propagator need to help my Milky Way trough the start-up phase.

The ‘’big smile’’ which I am greeted with as I walk through the door gives me confidence. I almost can’t believe my eyes when I catch a first glimpse of my Milky Way from the lower sliding doors of my Bonanza box. The plants is now 20cm high and has already made around 10 side shoots. Typical for a Indica plant the distance between the internodes is short, as that gives the plant a firm and a squatty appearance. The leaves have an deep green and healthy color. On every leaf there are at least 10 wide fingers, which is another Indica trait.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 3

Through the open sliding door I immediately saw what an enormous growth spurt the Milky Way had during my absence.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 3

By placing the pot on a dish the leaking water will remain and the humidity will stay high.


The plant has received nutrition from day 1 after the migration to the 12 liter Rootpouch textile pot. I was afraid that the heavily fertilized Guano Kalong soil, would be too much for the young plant, but I don’t see any tracks of over fertilizing. I like to keep it simple with the nutrition and I decided to work with ‘’Bio Bizz Try Pack’’. The package contains three bottles that you mix with water. One during the growing phase, one for the blooming phase and one PK 13/14 bloom simulator for in the final phase, very simple. Since my Milky Way is still in the growing phase we gave him ‘’Bio Grow’’. We have kept the dosing that was written on the package and came to an EC-value of 1,5. Which is pretty high, but the plant should be able to handle it. EC stands for ‘’electrical conductivity’’. An EC meter measures the power of electrical conduction of the nutritional solution. The more minerals (nutrition) are dissolved in the water, the more the electrical conduction goes up. This is expressed in EC value. For a new plant like the Milky Way the recommended EC value is 1,2. The PH value, in other words the acidity of the dissolution determines the recordability of the supplements of the plant. For marijuana plants on earth the recommendation of the PH value is between 5,8 and 6,4. The acidity of the tap water in Amsterdam is perfect in combination with the Bio Grow. Without further dissolving the acidity, the PH value is 6.4.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 3

A typical Indica. Short, firm, wide fingers and close to each other internodes.

Grow and Flourish

The time clock of the Bonanza 250 growbox is now set to 18 hours per 24 hours. This means that the 250 Watt HPS lamp is on for 18 hours per 24 hours. For the plant this is the signal that days are long and that the winter is far away. The plant will now put all his energy in growing. In becoming bigger and developing a solid root system. In this phase the plants needs other supplements than during the blooming phase. That’s why there are different bottles in the ‘’Bio Bizz Try Pack’’. As soon as you bring the hours down that the lamp shines to 12 hours each 24 hours, the plant will know that the day will become shorter and that winter is coming. Because a cannabis plant is a one year plant it will bloom and make flowers to try and reproduce itself before she dies. We need these flowers. It is important that the blooming plants is in total darkness when the lights isn’t shining. I think my Milky Way will be big enough to be put into bloom. Like mentioned earlier everyone is welcome to visit this cultivation live in the Kiwiseeds shop in Amsterdam. The Bonanza 250 growbox is specialy designed with plexiglass doors so that you can follow the process. I hope that the plexiglass doors won’t cause for to much ‘’light polution’’ during the light off periods.

We shall see!

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 3

The Bonanza 250 with plexiglass doors.

Text & photos: Gert

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