Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox – Part 4

By: Soft Secrets, May 30, 2017

10-5-2017, bloom

And again Milky Way has gone trough an enormous growth. I think she has grown enough to be put into bloom. In the previous episode I already explained that you can achieve this by reducing the number of hours the lamp burns in 24 hours. Until now the plant has been given 18 hours of light. Since the planting of the seed, more than 5 weeks have passed. The first 2 weeks the plant could have survived well outside the cabinet in the propagator. To save this time I will plant a new seed for the next round 2 weeks before I harvest the Milky Way. The Milky Way is an Indica variety with a bloom period of give or take 8 weeks. So in about 6 weeks you have to sow again.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

The Milky Way on 10-05-2017, big enough to be put in bloom.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

The plant has stretched out to all sides and has grown up to 20 cm the past week.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

Eleven fingers and a beautiful healthy colour.


The growing of the plant won’t stop abruptly as soon as you turn back the clock to 12/12 (12 hours lights on/12 hours lights out). On the contrary, from experience I know that Indicas just now have reached only 50% of her final length. The first period that the plant gets 12 hours of light she will stretch out enormously. The coming week the branches can grow up to 5 cm a day. I will show this by removing a head sprout just above 2 internodes. The 2 internodes will grow on as 2 separate independent branches. How long these 2 branches will have grown will surprise you next week.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

With a scissors I cut away the head sprout just above the 2 internodes. These will grow on the next couple of weeks with about 5 cm a day into new branches.

The Milky Way is now about 40 cm high. If this is 50% of her final length she will reach about 80 cm of length. The Bonanza 250 has an internal height of 170 cm. As a standard rule you can assume that the HPS lamp needs 10% of the Watts in height in cm above the plant not to burn. The lamp in the Bonanza has a power of 250 Watts. I have to keep a minimum of 25 cm of space between the lamp and the top of the plant. If the plant is 80 cm high and the pot 20 cm high I will still have enough space left.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

With the timer of the Bonanza I will set the light ON period now at 12 hours a day.

Today is the first day of bloom. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately have to start by giving bloom nourishment. The Milky Way will get the grow nutrition from the Bio Bizz Try Packet in the next 2 to 3 weeks. How long exactly I will decide in good time and explain.

Fresh, cool air

The temperature remains remarkable good in the box. I have placed a temperature /humidity sensor in the Bonanza which stores the highest and lowest measured values. It has been 29,5 degrees with the lamp turned on. I find that a very good score but it must not become any warmer. As the plant grows, the temperature will decrease further. The G-tools air inlets seem to be doing their work well. Because the air extractor draws continuous air from the box, a vacuum is created. Fresh, cool air will be sucked from the outside of the box. In this respect, air is like water and will follow the path of least resistance. The air inlets are a kind of maze that allows fresh air to easily enter but does not let light in or out. You do not want the light of the HPS bulb to shine in your room or that light shines in the shade during the lights OFF period.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

The Bonanza grow box with at the bottom the 3 G-tools air inlets.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 4

Fresh air is drawn in through the air inlets without letting out light.

I think my Milky Way likes it in the Bonanza 250. I hope to show you next week how simple and fun it is to grow a weed plant for yourself.

Text & photos: Gert

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