Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox – Part 7

By: Kevin, June 26, 2017


This is becoming a real block buster! With 1 plant in the Bonanza 250 I have created a fantastic courtyard of 0.35 m2. My one plant apparently feels good in the box and looks very potent. The Milky Way has not grown much higher last week. However, she has become much fuller. It is already beginning to develop some very beautifull and healthy peaks. The plant has about 10 branches where eventually “buds” will develop. The branches are quite stretched so the distance between the tops has grown. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I can overgrow the space between these tops, and every branch gets 1 massive “bud”.

The Milky Way now blossoms for about 3 weeks and needs another 5 to 6 weeks. It is important that she stays healthy. So far, so good. I give the Milky Way every other day water with Bio Bloom from the Try Pack. Because the top formation is starting to grow well, I also give beside the flowering feed also the Top Max from the Try Pack with the water. Top Max is a flower booster and contains mainly phosphorus and potassium, substances that the Milky Way needs to make hard and compact peaks. For the time being, the Guanokalong Earth also seems to contain the right nutrition.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

The Milky Way on 1-6-2017.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

Everywhere nice and healthy tops.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

These are going to become some very nice buds.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

These will definitely become 10 very beautiful peaks.

Prune and bend

The branches of the Milky Way all grow towards the lamp, creating an impenetrable leaf cover at the top of the plant. As a result, the lower branches do not get any light. These twigs ultimately result in nothing but costs the plant a lot of energy. Energy that could be used much better to develop a few headtops that are full in the light. Last week I had already promised to prune and bend the plant but unfortunately did not yet get to that. The easiest way you can do this is by inserting a few bamboo sticks in an angel into the pot. With (iron) wire or tie-raps, tie the branches to the sticks. The branches are now pointing outward, allowing the light to penetrate deeper and the lower parts of the plant get more light. As I said last week, I prune approximately 1/3 ofthe bottom branches so that all the bloom hormone accumulates in the remaining branches. In the next episode, I will show you how to “thieve” and bend your plant. I Promise. If I wait any longer it might be too late.

Until next week.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

With sticks I bend the branches of the Milky Way.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 7

The lower branches stay behind in growth and seem pale.

Text & photos: Gert

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