Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox – Part 9

By: Kevin, July 11, 2017


My Milky Way has been in bloom now for almost 6 weeks. The growth of the tops exceeds all my expectations and I think I will get a record breaking result in the Bonanza Growbox. In the previous episode I showed (through circumstances to late) how a plant is “thieft”or “lolliepopt”. 11 Days has been gone by since my last Blog and I honestly have to admit that after looking back at the pictures I thought I had cut away much too much of the side branches. But behold the results. The plant has recovered beautifully of the stress that occurs when pruning. The tops of the remaining branches have grown together and are feeling quite heavy.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 9

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 9

The tops have grown together to massive “Buds” In reference I tied a lighter to a top.

Normally speaking an Indica should have a blooming period of about 8 to 9 weeks but I think that this one can last like this for 3 more weeks. It is important that you postpone the moment of harvesting as long as possible. The growth of the tops will increase exponentially, so the longer the plant remains like this the bigger and heavier the tops will become. Also the production of trichomes or resin glands has just begun. The trichomes contain the THC that we need. You can also determine if the plant is ready to be harvest by the color of the trichomes. Clear trichomes still contain little THC. As soon as they become glazed and milky he amount of THC is at its peak and the plant can be harvest. So for the time being let it be.

Be careful!

The risk of botrytis or “top rot will now increase. Toprot is a fungus that eats its way out from the inside. On the outside you will see nothing. You can olny discover toprot by gently bending the tops so that you can see the inside. Be careful however because it spreads through tiny wounds. Brown spots will appear on the affected arts, which later form a grey mold. The only thing you can do If you discover top rot is salvage what you can. Toprot spreads rapidly and will turn your top into a brown mush within a matter of days. A waste of all your effort. As mentioned botrytis or top rot is a fungus and like all fungi botrytis thrives in a humid environment. So it is important to keep an eye on the humidity. A good ventilation and air-circulation is imperative. Make sure that the tops don’t touch each other and clean up dead fallen leaves.

Deficiencies and to much Fertilization

It’s a good thing my Milky Way is healthy. At least you would think so by looking at the tops. Still there are leaves turning yellow and dying. This happens almost every time in this life phase. I find it difficult to tell what the cause is. Does it lack an element? Does the plant get to much fertilizer? I think it’s that last one. The soil becomes salinated from the minerals of the fertilizers. The minerals and salts collect round the roots and extract moisture from the roots instead of the roots extracting moisture from the ground. Eventually the plant will dry out. Maybe on a diet of tab water?

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Hasta Pronto.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 9

By flexing the branches, you increase the air circulation in the cabinet and prevent your toprot.

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 9

A defect? Too much fertilizer? Wrong PH value? The one who knows it may call out!

Milky Way in the Bonanza 250 Growbox - Part 9

This one can still last for 3 weeks.

Text & photos: Gert

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