Urban Garden 2.0 – AK47/Orange Bud Crossbreed.

By: Kevin, April 11, 2017

A new season is coming and I have already made some preparations! This year I will use a crossbreed that was put together by a good friend last summer, this is the strain AK47 and Orange Bud. I am curious about this crossbreed and what it will bring me, the seeds are not feminized so I germinate twelve to select them afterwards on male or female.

Early this year at the end of January I started to germinate these seeds with my LED (Viparspectra 450w). This LED is not strong enough for a full cycle of the plants, but for the seedlings this LED works perfectly. So it gives me time to select the right plants and if there are problems I am on time at the start of the season.

Urban Garden 2.0 – AK47/Orange Bud Crossbreed.

After a short week nine of the twelve seeds were germinated and they had nice healthy roots. As shown in the picture, for the germination I use Root sponges, normally I would use this to make cuttings, but for the germination of seeds they are also good.

In the event that there is only one good female plant left from these seeds, I will eventually also make cuttings and show you how it is done. Thats why I started very early to germinate in order to reduce risks and to have more options in case there are almost only male plants.

Next time I will show you more about how to cross plants and I will explain how it’s done and how many plants I will have left after a selection round. And I will show you how I select my plants on male or female.

Text & photo: Youri V

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