What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

By: Soft Secrets, June 6, 2018


It is difficult to escape the latest trending in smoking as well as the cannabis industry – vaping. Between the touted health benefits, the arguments for efficiency, and of course the internet and meme culture vaping has become quite the modern phenomena. Whatever your opinion or experience with vaping one thing is for certain – you need to keep a good eye on your temperature. Otherwise, you can make what would have been a great experience a rather bad one.

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

To be thorough, understand that all portable vape pens are comprised of some similar, general parts. For example, all vaporizers are designed to heat either your dry herb, wax, or oil using atomizers and coils – these exist in some sort of heating chamber. This makes some of the discussion somewhat simple. However, what complicates the entire process is that your high can be drastically affected by temperature and a lack of knowledge regarding the specific strains of cannabis that you’re using. Certain types of cannabis have different boiling points and reaction temps while increasing or decreasing temperature can significantly affect the potency of the strain as well as change based around the different form of cannabis you are consuming.

What is the best temperature for a dry herb vaporizer:

Dry herb vaporizers are some of the most common types of vapes on the market. They are relatively easy to use and come in a variety of complexities – from the simplest design with a few temperature controls all the way to more advanced vapes that allow for advanced temperature control. With the simplest designs of vaporizers you should be able to get an idea as to what temperature works best with what strain of cannabis you are using. More importantly, keep in mind, that packing the chamber too tightly especially when considering how well ground up, how fresh, etc the dry herb is.

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

Moreover, with the more advanced vapes you will find that these variables are compounded with the more advanced temperature controls. Always keep in mind that there is a general rule that the higher you vaporize the cannabis the more intense the high will get. Keeping this in mind, you may want to avoid starting your vaping experience with too high of a temperature. Begin to feel out what levels of intensity you feel at different temperatures and then with the specific strains that you have. With more advanced vapes this caution is certainly more warranted – you have much more potential for fine-tuning your vaporizer to your preferred experiences.

What is the best temperature for a wax vaporizer:

Your wax vaping experience will certainly differ from the dry herb variety. This is not a good or bad thing – just that your preferences will certainly alter your experiences. For example, some prefer to rip on their vape and bellow out clouds of smoke. Some others might simply prefer a more mellow experience when vaping wax – all of this will be adjusted with your temperatures as well as the coil types you use in your wax pen vaporizer. Specifically, the coil type affects how long you will take to get to the desired temperature. Different materials, naturally, take different amounts of time in order to heat up. There are a number of different coil types and you are best researching the particular affects that you desire and what other cannabis users believe to be the best coils for this whether ceramic dishes or quartz rod coils, etc.

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

Importantly, understand that wattage and voltage are going to be the predominant factors determining the temperature of your vaporizer when using wax. Essentially, the higher the number of watts that you are sending to the wax the more powerful the charge meaning the coil (and wax) will burn hotter. This is important to remember because the various temperatures will affect the intensity as well as release different compounds depending on their respective boiling points.

What is the best temperature for an oil vaporizer:

Oil vaporizers are rather similar to wax vaporizers as far as determining the right fit for you. There is still quite a bit of attention paid to the coil types as well as the amount of watts that you’re delivering to the oil. The greater the power, the hotter the burn, the greater the insensity of the high that you will experience. Just keep this all in mind when either selecting your vape or setting the wattage.

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

What is the best temperature for my box mod:

This is rather dependent on the atomizer that you have. Keep in mind two main things: 1) that dry herb requires (generally) less wattage to reach temperature than wax or oil and 2) the wattage will continue to affect temperature, intensity, and the size of the clouds you’re ripping.

How to choose the right temperature:

The temperature you choose will be based, generally, on the type of high you want to experience as well as the intensity. Different compounds react differently at certain temperatures and each has their own boiling point. In order to activate these compounds within each strain you will need to look into how you’re affected by these compounds and reconcile that with the type of high you want. Keep in mind, that the temperature does not inherently alter the experience of the high – it will simply adjust the intensity as well as highlight the effects of different compounds. A sativa or indica will still react the same.

What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer

High Temperature vs Low Temperature:

The top five differences to take away from this article:
1. The temperature does not change the effects of a sativa or indica
2. The temperature, generally, affects the overall intensity of the high
3. Different compounds in cannabis (whether dry herb, wax, or, oil) are released at different temperatures
4. Wattage or voltage are directly related to power and will affect (along with coil type) how quickly you bring your cannabis to temperature
5. The more complex the vape, the more carefully you should adjust the settings. No one likes a bad time.

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