Traveling | Meet the couple visiting every single train station in Britain

By: Soft Secrets, June 26, 2017
(CNN) — Train travel was once the epitome of elegance. Now it’s more associated with busy morning commutes. Has the romance of the railway been lost forever?
Not according to a London-based couple whose mutual love of train travel has inspired them to embark on an epic quest.
Geoff Marshall is a freelance video producer who makes engaging YouTube content exploring the London Underground. Vicki Pipe is an educational professional at the London Transport Museum.
Together, Marshall and Pipe have embarked on a three-month mission to visit every station in England, Scotland and Wales — all 2,563 of them. This ambitious project, entitled All the Stations, celebrates the idiosyncrasies of the British railway, capturing a “snapshot of today’s railways for posterity,” according to the pair.
The couple are documenting their rail odyssey on social media — from Instagram posts featuring quirky stations to cheerful YouTube updates. Their journey began in Cornwall, in southwestern England, and will finish in the Scottish Highlands. The end goal is an online documentary charting their journey, which will be given to the National Railway Museum and the London Transport Museum.
CNN Travel caught up with Marshall and Pipe six weeks into their journey.
“We’re tired,” admits Marshall, before adding, jokingly: “You can’t use that, though, your opening paragraph can’t be, ‘I catch up with Vicki and Geoff, six weeks into their endeavor, there’s a tone of tiredness in Geoff’s voice!'”
In fact, Marshall and Pipe don’t sound tired at all; they ooze excitement and enthusiasm for their project, which is evidently a labor of love.
They hope their endeavor will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.
“It has been an adventure,” Pipe tells CNN, “But other people can do this. That’s the brilliant thing, we’re only doing what other people themselves, using the transport network, would be able to do.”
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