5 different type of marijuana for depression and anxiety, according to the users.

By: Soft Secrets, December 11, 2018

The emergence of medical Marijuana has positively influenced various areas of medical sciences. Medical marijuana is of interest for treating mental health problems. In fact, the use of Marijuana treatment is preferred over existing medications which come with the possibility of addiction. Various strains of Marijuana are useful for introducing different effects to the mind and body. Clearing your mind with certain strains of Marijuana is possible which might also help treat some specific conditions such as depression and anxiety.

5 different type of marijuana for depression and anxiety, according to the users.

Through passive monitoring of Medical marijuana users, researchers have concluded about a few strains that are beneficial for treating anxiety and depression. Analyzing data of over 1400 cannabis seeds users who used a variety of inhaling methods such as vaping, concentrates, dab bubbler, etc, the study conducted by Washington State University concluded this. The sessions split up to observe individual symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression showed the effects of medical Marijuana on these conditions.
Using the ‘Strainprint app’ to collect information and monitor, factors such as gender, symptoms levels, severity, the percentage of THC and CBD, dose effects etc, contributed to the effectiveness of the treatment as per reports. THC and CBD levels did not directly influence the effect of Cannabis on anxiety and its symptoms whereas low THC and high CBD varieties turned out effective for treating depression and its symptoms according to this study.

5 different type of marijuana for depression and anxiety, according to the users.

How to choose the right strain

Sativa strains are a great choice for treating pain, anxiety, depression and increasing focus and creativity. Constant stress causes an imbalance of chemicals in the human body which could be due to various reasons. Hence, for depression, the strains should be capable of elevating your mood.
Using a CBD dominant strain which has a chemical makeup similar to that of our body chemicals will help bring this balance.THC can have an aggravating effect on the mind says a study and sometimes this might make anxiety symptoms much worse. Also, the effects of THC might wear off and hence not have a healing effect on these conditions. CBD, on the other hand, has a deeply beneficial and long-lasting effect on the mind and helps treat them. Also, by stimulating sleep and appetite it can also help cope with other symptoms of depression such as insomnia.

Look for these terpenes in the strain

The reason behind why certain strains have a good effect on anxiety and depression is due to the presence of terpenes. The importance and benefits of these terpenes are vast. Some terpenes have a calming and relaxing effect on the body which also helps uplift the mood and create a sense of euphoria or happiness. Some of these terpenes are Nerolidol, Beta-caryophyllene, Linalool, Bisabolol, and Limonene.

5 Strains that are effective for depression and Anxiety

1. Jack Herer: Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant strain of Cannabis that helps elevate the mood. Use of strains which have a dominant terpene limonene helps with mood elevation and helps treat symptoms of depression. The sweet and soothing smell of citrus will help uplift your mood says a study . Similarly, Jack Herer also has a positive effect on anxiety symptoms. By creating a calming euphoric feeling in the mind this strain can work its magic for relieving depression, anxiety and stress symptoms.

2. Blue Dream: Like citrus, the berry flavours also blossom a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. Blue dream is a blueberry cross that also has mood uplifting effects that are gentle on the mind. This is also a Sativa-dominant cross strain that is increasingly available due to its high production. The floral notes create a strong sense for relaxing the body and for pain relief. The users felt completely at ease after use and shared that the effects were more like a sudden jolt of high rather than a deep long feeling. This strain also has great benefits when used for treating depression and is effective for anxiety through its slow high.

3. AK Cherry Lime: This hybrid has dominant properties from both Sativa and Indica. Effect-wise this strain acts like a Sativa and creates a relaxing effect on the body. The strain comes with a fruity, sweet smell that is earthy with hints of cherry and wood. The undertones of ammonia and wine also characterize this particular variety. This creates a soft high that is pleasant and helps the body and mind relax. It relaxes the muscles and stimulates a good appetite. The strain does not act like a strong narcotic substance, the reason behind why it is useful for treating anxiety symptoms. It is also effective for treating depression and helps the mind and body feel light and happy.

4. Master Kush: This strain contains a higher THC concentration and comes with a large amount of calming terpenes. This is an Indica strain that has positive effects in treating short-term symptoms of anxiety. The presence of Beta-caryophyllene terpene in this strain which interacts with the body similar to that of CBD helps cope with the psychoactive effects of the THC. This was concluded from a study conducted with mice as subjects. The strain has hints of spicy flavours which engage with the receptors in our body that implicate symptoms related to depression and anxiety. The presence of THC also helps relaxation in certain individuals suffering from anxiety although the exact dosage and individuals effects towards the same vary.

5. Harlequin: This strain contains CBD and THC in 5:2 ratio and is popular due to its huge therapeutic benefits. CBD slowly fades the psychoactive effects of THC and helps the body and mind relax. This also is a Sativa dominant strain that makes it extremely effective against pain relief and treatment of anxiety and depression. The earthy musk has a mild sedation effect on the body and relieves pain and stress without intoxicating. It gives an energetic high that is deep and calming and users share that they found the feeling delightful and happy.

Other notable strains that are effective for treatment of depression and anxiety include Glass Slipper, lemon Skunk, Black Diamond Strain, Pineapple express, Granddaddy purple, Royal AK, Northern Light, Haze berry, OG Kush. These strains can help elevate your mood and reduce an overwhelming feeling and fight against depression and anxiety.

5 different type of marijuana for depression and anxiety, according to the users.

Dosage matters

Medical Marijuana is all about the right strains in right doses. While there aren’t any defined levels for everyone, start small and let the effects slowly reflect to find the sweet spot. This is crucial for people suffering from anxiety to avoid any discomfort as Marijuana has a biphasic effect. You can now mail order marijuana that you can choose using the guide above for achieving the right benefits. By harnessing the benefits of the right strains we can obtain amazing health benefits through medical marijuana.

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