First Round of Speakers for Cannabis Drinks Expo Announced

By: Kevin, July 9, 2018

July 2019 trade show in San Francisco will highlight emerging players in fast-growing cannabis industry.

San Francisco, California, June 30 – The first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo, set to take place on July 25, 2019 at the South San Francisco Conference Center, will bring together producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distributors and retailers within the fast-growing cannabis industry. Beverage Trade Network, the organizers of the event, recently announced the official speaker lineup for the business conference, which has already attracted some of the most prominent names within the industry.

First Round of Speakers for Cannabis Drinks Expo Announced

The first round of speakers for the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo includes:
• Warren Bobrow, mixologist, author and journalist, and the mastermind behind award-winning cannabis cocktails and the Cocktail Whisperer website
• Michael Cooper, Managing Member, MadisonJay Solutions LLC
• Omar Figueroa, Founder of the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, author and cannabis law expert
• Rebecca Stamey-White, Partner, Hinman & Carmichael LLP
• Alex Howe, Co-Founder and COO, Rebel Coast Winery

Together, these speakers will outline the changing contours of the cannabis industry within the United States, focusing on the political, legal and medical factors behind the rise to prominence of the industry – as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. A patchwork quilt of licensing and regulation across different states is now transforming into a unified, national approach to recreational cannabis use that could jump-start another huge wave of growth for cannabis drinks producers and manufacturers.

“We’re really excited about the quality of speakers that we’ve already lined up for the Cannabis Drinks Expo. Our goal is to introduce both exhibitors and business conference participants to the tremendous dynamism that is occurring within the cannabis industry,” said Sid Patel, CEO and founder of Beverage Trade Network.

First Round of Speakers for Cannabis Drinks Expo Announced

One major theme of the event will be the crossover appeal of cannabis with the much larger alcoholic drinks industry. For example, Alex Howe, as the founder of a winery that makes cannabis-infused wines, will analyze the relationship between the cannabis and wine industry within California. And Warren Bobrow will discuss the relationship between the cannabis and spirits industry, with a focus on new cannabis cocktails creations that merge the best of both worlds.

To help bring these themes and trends to life, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will also include an active trade show floor where new and upcoming cannabis drinks producers and manufacturers can meet face-to-face with brand owners, distributors and retailers. Already, there has been tremendous innovation within the cannabis drinks industry, with entirely new products – such as cannabis-infused alcohol beverages and cannabis-infused tea and coffee drinks – that will be on wide display throughout the Cannabis Drinks Expo.

The tagline for the upcoming July 2019 event is “Cannabis Is the New Category,” and it’s obvious why. New emerging market players are already looking ahead to the next wave of growth in the industry, and in the process, coming up with innovative product ideas that cross over and transcend traditional categories. The place to find out all about them will be the Cannabis Drinks Expo, taking place on July 25, 2019 in San Francisco.

First Round of Speakers for Cannabis Drinks Expo Announced

2019 Exhibitor Registrations are now open
Leverage your current wine and spirits infrastructure and unlock new opportunities in Cannabis. Exhibitor registrations are now open for Cannabis Drinks Expo. REGISTER HERE

About Beverage Trade Network
Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a producer of competitions, conferences, expos and trade shows for the alcohol beverage trade industry around the world. BTN is the alcohol beverage industry’s leading network, and is committed to helping importers and distributors find new suppliers from all over the world. BTN hosts events in London, New York and San Francisco, including the highly acclaimed International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (London and San Francisco), the London Wine Competition (London) and the USA Trade Tasting show (New York).

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