Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It

By: Kevin, May 17, 2018

While it may still be the most popular method of ingesting cannabis, let’s face it, there are a lot of things going against smoking. Smoking cannabis is one of the most sure-fire ways of declaring to the world – or at least those in your immediate vicinity – that you’re smoking the ganj. While smoking cannabis might not be linked to lung cancer, smoking cannabis can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis. That, and smoking just isn’t as effective at getting you high than other methods, trust us.

So, if you live in a state where recreational marijuana usage is allowed and if you’re all about leading a healthier lifestyle through cannabis, but you don’t want to smoke it, what to do?

Turns out, there’s a wealth of different ways to ingest cannabis – and many of them involve almost none of that telltale scent. Read on to discover the various methods of getting your green on, all without having to burn flowers.

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It


You may have heard them called ‘space cakes’ or ‘pot brownies’ and you might even have heard about a fabled 911 call made by a police officer who thought he’d overdosed on cannabis-infused brownies.

Edibles now go far beyond cookies and brownies. Almost anything can be infused with cannabis butter or cannabis oil and made into something scrumptious to eat. From pizza dough to gummy bears and cannabis-infused soda to cannabis tea, edibles are a growing way to ingest cannabis.

Take care, however. Edibles take a bit longer to kick in than other methods of ingestion. The high can be more intense than they high from smoking or vaporizing. Give it at least 2 hours after taking a dose before taking more and always read the package directions.

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It


Similar to way many smokers are handing over their analog cigarettes for vaporizer mods and vape pens, many cannabis smokers are making the same switch. Vaporizing is more effective using less product and allows for more cannabinoids to be released. There are also several different vaping experiences to choose from as well. From the award-winning Volcano Vaporizer to oil and wax vaporizer pens to dry herb vaporizers, there are a lot of choices here.


Call it wax, oil, or shatter. Dabbing is a lot similar to vaporizing, except that it uses concentrated cannabis in the form of a sticky wax, an oil, or a crumbly shatter. You can buy a dab nail or rig, or simply get a vaporizer that’s built for wax concentrates.

Exploring the world of cannabis can lead you to many different ways of ingesting. Hopefully, you will find your favorite among those we have listed. Do you like edibles? Or do you prefer a vaporizer like the Volcano Vaporizer?

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It

Ingestible Oils

These are cannabis concentrates that are taken orally. These can be seen as capsules or as applicators that go directly into your food and drink. Like with edibles, cannabis oils pack a punch. Be mindful of when you take them and how much you take!


Unlike edibles and similar to smoking, tinctures are applied beneath the tongue and allow the cannabinoids to quickly enter the bloodstream, providing fast symptom relief. Tinctures also allow for precise dosage control.


Sometimes, a person just needs relief for an aching joint or a sore muscle – but they don’t need that psychoactive high that comes with smoking cannabis. Thankfully, there are CBD-infused oils and lotions to provide you with localized relief, all without the high.

Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Without Having to Smoke It


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