Cannabis Concentrates Give Rise to New July “Holiday”

By: Soft Secrets, July 11, 2017

Most people hear the words “marijuana” and “cannabis,” and they will usually think of someone rolling a joint. That is, unless, they are familiar with the other side of recreational cannabis consumption: dabbing.

The rise of this method in recent years has also given birth to a holiday: 7/10, also called “Dab Day.”

For those truly unfamiliar with what “710” means, it’s simply “oil” written backwards, in the fashion of the words “written” on calculators using the number keys. The oil in question is, of course, concentrated cannabis oil, and the “710” phenomenon could be considered “the other 420.”

In reference to the actual date on the calendar, July 10th has quite rapidly become the holiday that celebrates the use of cannabis concentrates such as “shatter” and hash oil. The rise of the “meme” of 710 has come about thanks to the rise in sales of items that are either cannabis concentrates or related paraphernalia.

But despite the rise of this day of celebrating concentrates, many marijuana users, including those from decades past, say they’re still unfamiliar with what could be considered a relatively new phenomenon. Many are therefore unfamiliar with the items now often sold in dispensaries.

This said, cannabis concentrate items won’t be that strange for much longer, given how many states have already legalized marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes. It’s only natural that entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry are excited about these new legal developments, so they’re doing their best to promote the 710 phenomenon, in an attempt to boost profits.

In states where cannabis is sold in dispensaries and adult-use shops, long lines form on 7/10 in anticipation of celebrating “the other 420.” Depending on the city, some papers, such as the Phoenix Sun, in Arizona, might provide guides to the day, including ads about goings-on, sales, and even articles about how “710” began.



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