How to Use CBD Oils

By: Soft Secrets, October 16, 2018

CBD oils have become the talk of the day thanks to the fact that they have amazing benefits on our bodies. They can be used to treat numerous diseases and conditions, and have proven themselves to be miracle-workers!

The best thing about CBD oils is that they don’t cause dependence, so they are a great substitute for opioids, especially if used as a treatment for incurable diseases and/or pains.

Though there have not been many studies on CBD oils’ healing properties, there is a number of different conditions that can be either cured or alleviated by using CBD oils. CBD vape oils have also made a breakthrough in the past few years, mostly due to the fact that vaping CBD oils help alleviate symptoms sooner.


As for the pains/conditions/diseases, you can use CBD oils for, we’ve gathered a small list of them:

Chronic pains

The most common use of CBD oil is for natural pain relief. It can be used for a number of chronic pains, such as back pain, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia etc. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can be used to relieve joint pain and swelling for rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Depression and anxiety

Most pharmaceutical drugs used to treat anxiety and depression cause side effects like insomnia, sexual dysfunction, drowsiness etc. As previously mentioned, CBD oils do not cause any dependence whatsoever, so they are a great replacement for those drugs.

Moreover, they actually help cure side effects these drugs may have brought about – they are a great ally in reducing stress level, they help with insomnia and actually can produce serotonin (also known as ‘the hormone of happiness’).


To say that CBD oil use will be able to help you treat cancer on its own would surely be an overstatement, but what it can do is help alleviate a number of its symptoms. So what is it exactly that use of a CBD oil can do for you?
● It can help increase the appetite of patients who use chemotherapy as a means of treatment of cancer.
● It is anti-inflammatory, so it will alleviate muscle pains.
● It can help reduce the ability of some tumor cells’ reproduction.
● It can eliminate the tumor cells while leaving healthy cells intact (one study has shown that it efficiently induced cell death in breast cancer patients).
● It reduces pain and nausea.
● It protects the immune system.


In a recent research conducted in regards to CBD and how it can enhance epilepsy treatment, studies have shown that actually – less is more! Two groups were tested, one of them being patients who were taking a 10-milligrams daily dose of CBD and the second taking 20-milligrams. The results were close to identical in both of them, as they experienced an almost equal reduction in seizures. Patients have mostly decided on the first dosage, even though the latter one shown greater improvements. The reason for this phenomenon is that CBD directly affects the hippocampus, which needs only a small amount of CBD to relieve seizures. These studies are off to a great start and will definitely continue showing progress in treating epilepsy.



The most common medication for migraines are painkillers, but they only numb the pain temporarily and can sometimes cause a dependence. This is where CBD oils come in to save the day! They actually interact with the brain and the nervous system and help limit inflammation, resulting in almost immediate pain relief. To make sure no side effects occur, the best thing to do in this case is put a few drops of oil under the tongue or take a CBD capsule.

In conclusion, CBD oils definitely have more benefits than any natural remedies you might find on the market today. Though studies on the subject are still in their early stages, there is no denying that they have a lot to offer. There is a great number of benefits these oils can bring you and your loved ones. The most important tasks to keep in mind are doing the necessary research, finding the best quality oil and using it in moderate amounts – and the results will surely follow. Find out more about the many uses and benefits of CBD oils here.

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