An Irish student submitted her first (Cannabis) application patent

By: Soft Secrets, January 23, 2019

An Irish student submitted her first application patent. She developed a method that increases the absorption of CBD.

CBD and Nanotechnology

Her design concerns a nanoformule to increase the absorption of cannabidiol (CBD) in the gastrointestinal tract. With this technique it becomes possible to get a small dose of CBD into the bloodstream threw the gastrointestinal wall. This technique prevents CBD from being exposed to all kinds of gastric juices and intestinal bacteria, as a result of which it decreases in strength. Her work makes it possible for CBD to take place in a much more effective way, she also believes that her formula can also be applied to other “active pharmaceutical ingredients”.

The combination cannabis and nanotechnology is not new. The Dutch professor Dr. Willem Mulder has been working on nanoparticles for several years now. These are very small particles that can therefore easily reach their destination. His research, which partly takes place in the United States, focuses on the insertion of non-particles directly on the site where the health complaints are located. Mulder also invesstronggates the effect of nonopartic lestrongwith cannabinoids that he introduces in the vicinity of tumors.

Check here how to use CBD.

Young cannabis and scientists

There is another advantage to this story. It shows that medicinal cannabis increasingly attracts the interest of medical students in training. A good development, because the effect of cannabis are still extremely unknown (and unloved) among the majority of senior medical professionals.

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