Brazil Medical Marijuana Policy

By: Kevin, September 1, 2017

Cannabis has long been illegal in Brazil. However, recently the Brazilian government has approved the import of non-psychoactive hemp CBD oil to assist in the treatment of a limited number of diseases and disorders.

Current Legislation

Cultivation, smoking, trading and possession of cannabis in any amount are illegal in Brazil. The Brazilian government considers anything made from cannabis, including non-psychoactive hemp, as illegal. However, Drug Law 11.343, which passed on August 23, 2006, decriminalized possession and cultivation for personal use, even in cases involving repeat offenses. Therefore, possessing or cultivating small amounts entails a warning, community service and education on the effects of the drug. Possessing of cultivating large amounts, however, as well as selling or transporting cannabis, is considered drug trafficking and punishable to 5 to 15 years in prison and a significant fine.

Brazil Medical Marijuana Policy

Medical Marijuana Laws

Since January 2015, Brazil legalized the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) for therapeutic use. In May 2015, the Brazilian government named Medical Marijuana, Inc. as the first company to be allowed to import hemp CBD oil. Although Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ and CBD hemp oil are not clinically tested for the treatment of cancer or for the side effects commonly associated with cancer treatments, doctors and patients in Brazil are now legally allowed to import products that have possible benefit for a patient’s condition.

In accordance to FDA regulations, Medical Marijuana, Inc. makes no claims about our products. However, Brazil’s acknowledgement of RSHO™’s potential in the treatment of cancer is a first by a federal government. Shortly after legalizing the import of RSHO™, Brazil removed the import tax for CBD products and subsidized the cost of CBD for patients under their healthcare system, which means that 100 percent of the costs are covered by the Brazilian government.

Through a partnership with HempMeds Brasil™, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) can be used as a prescription for the approved medical indications, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain and cancer. To access the RSHO hemp oil products, residents will need both a doctor’s prescription and government-approved import documentation.


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