Do you know, or are you a weed photographer?

By: Soft Secrets, February 15, 2019

To all the weed GROWERS and BLOWERS. 🚬

Do you know, or are you a photographer in the weed industry? Send us an e-mail to and who knows, you will find your photos back on our site. 📸

“Be into it because you really enjoy shooting it, not just because it’s on-trend. Really do what you love, in photography and in everything else in life.” Angelo said her success “comes down to access; take the initiative to ask for access… There’s not a time when I meet a grower that I don’t give them my card, or ask to come out to their farm and photograph. I’m always actively seeking new content to shoot, introducing myself to people, asking to bring my camera along.”

If you want to read more about the story of Angelo Click here

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