John Sinclair opened a cannabis cafe in Detroit.

By: Soft Secrets, January 24, 2019

If you haven’t heard about John Sinclair, one of the most predominant cannabis activists. Shame on you! He was arrested for 2 joint and got 10 year sentenced. He served 2 and half years out of a the 10years. Many people were outraged by this injustice and protested which led to his early release, some credit to John Lennon, Stevie Wonder Yoko Ono and many other famous musicians at the time who played at the Free John Benefit Concert.

The year after John’s release from jail. There was a ruling in Michigan that made everthing different. And for a small time, there was no law that was looking at cannabis. Which evoked the one day smoke in. Known as Hash Bash. John Sinclair and the other cannabis activists got together for a smoke-in, now its the 41st year that it will happen.
According to the Detroit Free Press article. John Sinclairs Café and Coffee Shop is open and located at 7 Mile and Woodward in Detroit.

He lives halft the year in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and goes everyday for a smoke in the coffee shop. He does some work there and smokes a joint whenever he wants.

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