By: Kevin, September 26, 2017

Amsterdam is well known for its beautiful canals. Indeed, it’s often called the Venice of the North, and for good reason. But did you know that as of recently Amsterdam too is situated near the sea? The Dutch call it Zandvoort aan Zee, but we call it Amsterdam Beach. Not in the last place because of the establishment of Hunter’s Coffeeshop here. This is the place to take a fresh breath of sea air and afterward hang out on the beach. No doubt the fresh sea air at Hunter’s Coffeeshop will have a positive impact on you too.

Amsterdam is a beach

Amsterdam Beach is the ideal place to go if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Using public transport, Amsterdam Beach is right around the corner. And from the moment you’re there, it’s all about enjoying. The sun, the sea, the beach and sea air. Not all skies are equal and just like the famous Dutch painters are known for their great skies, Amsterdam Beach is famous for its great, fresh sea air. Some long for a light breeze, others love a stormy wind. At Hunter’s Coffeeshop in Zandvoort you’ll find it all, whatever wind force you like.


Blow your mind

In addition to fresh sea air, Amsterdam Beach offers much more. Especially activities that get even better when accompanied by a fresh sea breeze. Take surfing, this is the perfect spot to fly over the waves. Or better even, kite surfing. The feeling that you’re about to fly, with your head in the clouds. Indescribable. Paying a visit to Hunter’s Coffeeshop at Amsterdam Beach will definitely blow your mind. Of course you can also choose to let all this pass you by and relax on a beach chair, in the dunes or float around in the sea. Ultimate relaxing, with a fresh breeze in your face. It doesn’t get any better.

Dance like the wind

In the dusk of evening, when a chill breeze is rising from the sea, it’s time to party. It just so happens that Amsterdam Beach is the ideal place to party too! Thanks to the fresh sea wind there’s always someone wanting to party. From small to large events. From relaxed tunes to pumping beats. Almost all of the beach pavilions have a DJ and whenever there’s even the slightest breeze, there’s a party going on everywhere. It’s no coincidence that Amsterdam is the capital of dance music, so there are also plenty of opportunities to dance at Amsterdam Beach.

Speed is what you need

Speed lovers are also guaranteed to find something to their liking at Hunter’s Coffeeshop. The Zandvoort circuit is a great trip. Of course you may enjoy the various races, but you may also take to the wheel yourself. Check out for all the events and information on racing yourself. We however warn you in advance: the circuit is situated near Hunter’s Coffeeshop, near Amsterdam Beach, so watch out for the fresh sea wind.

If you have the feeling that the wind is too strong, and you’ve enjoyed it too much, then it’s good to know that there are plenty of accommodation facilities. From elegant sea-side hotels to cheap B&B’s near Hunter’s Coffeeshop. It’s great to enjoy the fresh sea air after breakfast, before heading back to Amsterdam.

Hunter’s is not for pussies

Hunter’s story started in 1985, in the famous Warmoesstraat. However, it didn’t start with coffee, but with a dog. Here, at this famous spot near the Wallen, among all the pussycats, a dog named Hunter marked its territory with a well-placed pee against a façade. The dog’s owner decided that this was as good a spot as any to mark the birth of the first Hunter’s Coffeeshop. These days the territory of Hunter’s has grown out to the extent that you can find the famous logo with the dog everywhere in Amsterdam.

Hunt them all

It goes without saying that it’s not just the fresh sea wind that makes Hunter’s Coffeeshop such a renowned name. Each Hunter’s has its own atmosphere and specialty. There are no less than eight branches in and around Amsterdam. From the famous Warmoesstraat in the city centre, to an easily accessible branch at the highway in Amsterdam Noord. There is even a Hunter’s Coffeeshop in Haarlem, meaning you can even visit Hunter’s when you’re on your way to the beach in Bloemendaal aan Zee. And now there’s even a Hunter’s Coffeeshop at Amsterdam Beach. So make your visit to Amsterdam complete and visit all Hunter’s Coffeeshops, or as we like to say it: Hunt them all.

Want to know more about Hunter’s? Visit or follow Hunter’s on Facebook.

Hunter’s I
Warmoesstraat 24
1012JD Amsterdam

Hunter’s III
Papaverweg 2
1032 KH Amsterdam

Hunter’s IV
Waterlandplein 7
1024 LL Amsterdam

Hunter’s V
Utrechtsestraat 14
1017 VN Amsterdam

Hunter’s VI
Orteliusstraat 193
1056 NP Amsterdam

Hunter’s VII
Utrechtsestraat 16
1017VN Amsterdam

Hunter’s VIII
Schoterweg 66
1022 HP Haarlem

Hunters IX
Stationsstraat 9-11
2042 LD Zandvoort

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