Man Tries To Float From Mexico To U.S. On Duffel Bag Filled With Pot

By: Soft Secrets, September 26, 2013

Agents said they found a little more than 52 pounds of pot inside the bag

A close-up shot of finely cultivated marijuana [Credit: Shutterstock]

AUTHOR: Travis Gettys

Border Patrol agents arrested a man who they said tried to float from Mexico to the U.S. on a duffel bag filled with marijuana.

Agents said Monday the man was stopped about a mile north of the border near San Diego after they heard reports Sept. 19 of someone swimming late at night in the Pacific Ocean.

The agents said the 55-year-old man was floating about 600 yards from shore.

The man told agents he was from Mexico, and he was taken into custody.

Agents said they found a little more than 52 pounds of pot inside the bag.

The marijuana was worth more than $23,000, agents said.


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