Uruguay Gov’t Legalizes Marijuana, Only To Make Itself The “Dealer”

By: Soft Secrets, July 10, 2017

Uruguay is apparently the next in line to legalize marijuana use, full stop. No doctor’s permission needed, no questions asked, and so on. People who favor freedom on behalf of marijuana consumers might cheer at this new development.

They might, however, not cheer so loudly, or at length, once they realize the truth: Uruguay’s government sounds incredibly controlling in spite of its decision. Their stipulations include:

  • No fun things like cannabis cafes or the fun edibles that have arisen in the US.
  • Foreigners will not be allowed to purchase marijuana in Uruguay.
  • Plants’ genetic and cannabinoid makeup will be just as tightly monitored and controlled.

Ultimately, this South American country seems to be aiming to make marijuana use as boring as possible.

With all this understood, Uruguay is still the first country within the Americas (North, Central and South) to fully allow the growth, cultivation, sale and use of marijuana. Of course, while they’re not allowing cannabis cafes, licensed cannabis clubs are allowed, and users can register to grow cannabis plants, as well as simply purchase marijuana from pharmacies.

marijuana culture

On the flip side, Uruguay doesn’t even allow the private firms raising the cannabis to put their individual labels on their product. That is how anti-commercial Uruguay’s position is concerning marijuana.

They see the type of enterprise and commercialization going on in the US, and they don’t want that. They see marijuana as a potentially addictive substance, so they want to keep it under tight control, even though they’ve legalized its use, and are one of the more socially liberal governments in South America.

This position might confuse, even offend, people here in the US, who believe that being enterprising should be a cherished freedom. Some might argue, however, that Uruguay’s tight usage regulations are better than no legalization at all.


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